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All In The Family

I might have made a huge mistake today. I gave my Mom the address here at Chez Fred.

(Just kidding, Mom.)

Actually I’m really proud of her. She bought her first computer (that she actually used…sometimes) in 1994. It was a Mac LCIII, and I bought it for her when I was at San Jose State. And when we sat down for me to teach her how to do stuff, she told me she just wanted a list of what to push and what to click and what not to accomplish what she needed to.

And I did it, ‘cuz I’m a good son like that, but I didn’t like it. I tried to explain to her that her life would be a lot easier if she learned what the concept of, say, “opening a file” was and meant instead of just knowing “okay, if I want to change this document, I click File then Open then the filename then Open again.” It would pay off in the future, and once she knew how to do it conceptually, she would be able to do it in damned near anything. But, nope. “I’ll never get how to do all of that, just tell me what to do.” Sigh. Okay, fine.

And, several years later, when her office (she’s a school secretary) went mostly computerized, she learned the concepts, and she can do all kinds of things. I knew she could do it, ‘cuz she’s Mom and she rules. Now they have their very own PC at the house and they have their dialup account (man, that is gonna KILL me next time I go home and I have to use the MODEM in my laptop…what kind of neanderthals do I have for parents? :)), and they’re getting online.

Not bad at all for a couple of complete technophobes. :)

So, please make Mom welcome to our little party here, and be sure to be on your best behavior, because we need to make a good impression.

(Just kidding, Mom.)

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  • Shanni

    Welcome Mom!!!! Hope you have fun with it :)

  • Travis Eberle

    I would be very interested to meet your mother, in person or online. I also expect that she would curse like a sailor, and be an excellent cook. :)

  • Naw, Mom doesn’t swear much. I learned that from Dad. :)

  • Hi, Chris’s mom! Welcome. May I offer you a drink or canape? :-)

  • Carmen

    Yer Host sounds like a Dutch fisherman’s name.

  • Jenn

    Hey, does this make it The Five of Us? Cool!

    Hi, Chris’ mom!


  • > Yer Host sounds like a Dutch fisherman’s name.

    Wouldn’t that be more along the lines of “Yer Hoost”, with an diaeresis (it’s not an umlaut in Dutch, I discovered) over one of the O’s? :)

  • Marcee-C

    Velkommen, Mutter. Er…my Dutch isn’t so good.

    Bienvenue, Madame Lemon (ou Limon?). Oui, c’est le meilleur.

    I am glad to hear about her explorations into computerland. My mother is almost entirely self-taught. When my class first started learning LOGO in elementary school, she was baffled. Now she teaches elementary students word processing, PowerPoint, desktop publishing, and webpage creation. Not to imply that our mothers are any variety of dogs, but they have potential to learn many new tricks.


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