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Hilary Daft

Didn’t song lyrics at one time mean something?

I fully realize that, when my two favorite bands are Duran Duran and Def Leppard, I’m in no position to criticize. I have never paid dues to become a member of the Union Of The Snake, I have no idea why the Reflex is an only child, and I am still not fully sure if love is in fact like a bomb.

But isn’t the idea of music that it connect with you somehow?

I’ll explain: This morning I’m watching The View (because Price Is Right repeats just don’t hit me where I live), and one of the guests was Hilary Duff.

Now, I admit going in that my opinion of Miss Duff isn’t exactly sparkling. In fact, I place her a step below the original Hoe Down herself, Ashlee Simpson, on the ol’ Vapid Actress/Singer Food Chain. She is quite possibly the most evil creation of The Mouse, more artificial than The Monkees (because at least Mike Nesmith had some talent), and yet, somehow, her CDs fly off the shelves.

And right now she’s pimping her greatest hits album. Let me repeat that, because I sure as hell know that I had trouble processing it the first time I heard it: Hilary Duff has a freakin’ GREATEST HITS album.

As a result, I’ve had the misfortune of hearing her “perform” the same song (which is also the music used for an ad playing incessantly on television trumpeting her affiliating with the Kohl’s department store chain) around the talk show circuit, on Jay Leno and whatnot. It’s a little ditty entitled “Wake Up”. Which, as near as I can tell, is about how it sucks being famous and how she would just like to escape. To, and I quote, “London, Paris, maybe Tokyo.”

And this reaches the teenyboppers that make up the majority of her fanbase…how? Have we all become jet-setting millionaires?

The sad part of this whole thing is: I can’t get the freakin’ song out of my head.

Excuse me, I have to see if have something sharp and pointy around here that I can plunge into my temple…

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  • Travis Eberle

    To their credit, Duran Duran and Def Leppard at least have catchy melodies and badass guitar riffs- lyrics be damned!

    Anyway, I came to the conclusion some time ago that all music came down to the basic theme of love, whether it be unrequited, accepted, wishful, or otherwise. Everything just goes back to that at some point.

    I also came to the conclusion not to trust anything that comes from the Disney gives us. Burned too many times.

  • Nathan Beeler

    Man, don’t you have TIVO? What the hell are you doing watching daytime tv? Shouldn’t you at least be playing video games or something? I say you reap what you sow if you watch the view instead of…oh, I don’t know, paint drying – anything really.

  • Carmen

    My estimation for the Monkees has gone up considerably since I recently learned that Micky Dolenz was in fact that voice of Arthur in the animated The Tick series. (Which is now on repeats on Toon Disney at 8:00 or 8:30)


  • Nathan Beeler

    My estimation for the Monkees went up considerably when I saw the movie Head. And also Repo Man.

  • I’m so sad for you… What low have you sunk to? C’mon man… The VIEW?

    You have friends, you know – we can help you through this.

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