Classic Dishes...

Got The Hizzle Beaten Out Of Him

Here’s some dumbassery for The Four Of You: Snoop Dogg was in town over the weekend, and some asshat jumped up on stage and promptly got a beating from Snoop’s posse.

In and of itself, pretty damn funny, if not completely uncommon. But here’s the kicker, the last line of the linked article:

“They beat me like a slave,” he said, holding an ice bag to his face.

A little free advice to Mr. Monroe, when he can see out of that eye again: Playing the race card at a rap concert isn’t going to get you any sympathy. Dumbass.

Coffee, Tea, or….no, it’s gonna have to be Coffee.

There’s a new building going in at my end of Lake City Way, next to the Walgreen’s. I was curious as to what it was, ‘cuz it looked like it could be a new restaurant of some kind, and it would be nifty to have new dining options close to home.

Well, I drove by today, and the building now has Coming Real Soon Now signs on it. It’s two businesses, apparently. One is a Quizno’s, which totally works for me, as I think they are vastly superior to Subway, and the other is a Starbucks.

Which means, now, within a five minute drive from my home, I can reach no less than FOUR discrete Starbucks stores.

Yep. I live in Seattle.

Get Up And Go

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while…I had a nasty cold that kicked in hard RIGHT after my birthday, and then I apparently pulled my left hamstring (I have NO idea how this happened…one afternoon I noticed a little ache in my calf, and then a day later I was limping) just as the cold was getting better. So I’ve been laid up for a while, which does not make for entertaining blogging experiences, unless you enjoy reading stuff like:

Monday, May 16, 2005: Sat at home. Kept leg up. Watched Tivo.
Tuesday, May 17, 2005: Sat at home. Kept leg up. Watched Tivo.

You get the idea. Anyhow, today was the first day the leg was feeling well enough to brave the grocery store, and the cupboards were getting sparse (thank you again, Jenn & Abby, for the stay of execution over the weekend), so off to Albertson’s I go. And as I passed by the medicinal teas, I spotted this out of the corner of my eye:

I swear to GOD this isn’t Photoshopped. This was an actual product. Perhaps we can look forward to Hershey’s Highway Bathroom Tissue next….

(Which I suppose you would need after a nice steaming cup of Smooth Move, wouldn’t you?)

One For My Homies…

Later this morning, 3:41 AM to be exact, marks my 34th successful circumvention of the sun. I’d like to take a moment to thank the planet for not killing me yet.

Today also marks the one-year anniversary of one of the greatest moments in San Jose Sharks history: the Game Six victory over the Colorado Avalanche which clinched the series and punched San Jose’s ticket to their first Conference Finals. (Yeah, they had their asses handed to them by Calgary, but we had no idea that was going to happen at the time. So we were pretty stoked.)

Tomorrow, there will be baseball, and the NBA playoffs. There will be no NHL hockey.

So if you’re the type to pour one out (and if you are, fer God’s sake, yer wasting perfectly good alcohol), do me a favor and pour one out for the demise of the NHL season, with hopes that the idjits in charge of negotioations give themselves a rectal craniectomy and get this impasse settled, so that next October we can once again enjoy the greatest game on the planet played at its highest level.

Don’t Panic. Really.

I have a new favorite movie theater in the Seattle area. Cinerama is about to get their asses handed to them.

I went to see The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy at the Loews at Alderwood today. Wow. The place has ample free parking, including a covered garage, and the place is MASSIVE. I estimated the posters on the outside of the building at thirty feet high. The entrance to the building is on the second story, and the atrium when you walk in rivals any arena I’ve ever been to. Just spectacular.

All manner of gastronomic delights were available (including pizza, and dedicated ice cream and coffee stands), and the condiment stands let you apply your own Real Butter Flavored Imitation Motor Oil (and I’m prolly gonna get my Gourmand Card revoked for this, but when I’m at a movie, load that oil on early and often.), and the theater was easily as big as Cineramas, with the raiseable armrests and rocking chairs and stadium seating and all kinds of legroom. Just awesome. THIS is the way to watch a movie. (And did I mention, free parking?)

And the movie? I really liked it. The standard argument from the people who have panned it is “it’s not like the book”. Yes. It’s not. And you know what? I am perfectly fine with that. I’ve already read the book. I have no problem seeing the story told a different way, and with lots of eye candy. There were lots of book references and in-jokes, and they made me happy, and I thought the story was perfectly fine.

And let’s hope they get the folks at Shynola to do the menus and lots of lots of supplementary information for the DVD. Would you buy the DVD if it had a second disc that was basically a functioning Guide? Damn, I would.