Classic Dishes...

Backs Against The Wal

In the mornings, while I’m getting dressed, I usually turn on the TV to one of the morning shows, just to make sure that the Apocolypse hasn’t kicked in or something.

Today it was The Early Show, which I don’t usually watch, but there’s been some rumbling in the game-show-geek world about their weather guy, Dave Price, taking over for Bob Barker on The Price Is Right when the latter retires next year, and I’m curious to see him.

So I flip the TV over to KIRO, and we’re in an ad break. The final spot in this ad break happens to be one for, which is apparently a group that is protesting the way Walmart treats their employees. I check my watch to make sure it isn’t election time, confirm that it in fact isn’t, the spot ends…

…and we’re back. A couple of chicks who were not Hannah Storm or Julie Chen do the pitch to the weather segment, and the picture dissolves to the sponsorship plug:

“This weather segment is brought to you by Walmart! Always low prices.”


Darwin Strikes Again

A while ago you may remember a post I wrote celebrating the asinine hobby of “ghost-riding”. Many enjoyed the examples of Ghost Rider Pwnage cited therein.

Well, because you can never get too much of a good thing, I proudly present Ghost Rider Pwnage, Redux: