Classic Dishes...

Los Golden Arches

So here’s a scary thought for ya: The other day, I took a day off from work to handle some personal bidness, and found myself in the vicinity of a McDonals around lunchtime. So, I go through the drive-thru, and I’m lookin’ at the New Tastes menu, which is basically “weird shit you thought you’d never see at a McD’s”, and I see they have beef and chicken soft tacos. (McOle!) For some reason, this appealed to me, so I got a couple chicken tacos.

The sad thing is, they were at least ten times better and more authentic than anything I’d ever gotten at Taco Bell. I realize this isn’t saying much, but c’mon, this is McD’s here.

I suppose we should keep an eye out for the foray into other ethnicities. McPho? McSushi? McCurry?