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Pop Goes The Website

A question for The Four Of You:

When you click a link in a Chez Fred post, would you rather it open a new browser window (or tab, depending on how you have your browser set up. You’re not using a tabbed browser? Jesus, would you dump IE already, you unsecure jackweed?), or would you rather navigate away from Chez Fred to that link? I’ve got arguments for and against both, but I want to be a Man Of The People, and so I’m soliciting your opinion.

Please feel free to state your preference in the Comments for this post.

Negative, Ghost Rider, The Pattern Is Full

I have discovered that the kids these days like to partake in something called “ghost riding“, which is either climbing on top of or getting out and dancing alongside of a moving car.

Oops, I forgot one important detail: the person doing the “ghost riding?” THEY’RE THE FRIGGIN’ DRIVER.

Let me repeat that, because I can totally understand if your brain didn’t assimilate that the first time out of a refusal to grok that someone could be so insanely stupid: The driver of a vehicle leaves their station behind the wheel, in order to dance on top of or alongside their car, while it is still in motion, leaving the vehicle unattended.

This is apparently the pinnacle of “hyphy“. Click that link and read the article. I’ll wait. Then, after you’ve gotten a couple of Tylenol for the whanging headache that will almost certainly ensue, I’ll continue.

(While you’re doing that, I’m gonna nip off and refasten this onion to my belt. I’ll just be a second.)

All better? Good.

Now that you’re thoroughly depressed over the future of the country, let me try to lighten the mood, courtesy of our good friend Chuck Darwin. I give you…Ghost Rider Pwnage:

Hey, look…NASCAR!

Just a quick observation on a Sunday night: Once you have a high-definition television, it’s amazing the utter crap you will watch just because it’s in hi-def.

I’m hoping it passes.