Classic Dishes...

Whaddaya Think Of THIS, Michael?

I’m driving into work today, and I notice a Mitsubishi Eclipse in front of me. Cars don’t usually jump out at me. I don’t have that yearning for a new car every three years that most of America seems to; I’ve had my Honda Civic since 1996, it gets me where I need to go, it’s still running great, and I’m perfectly happy with it.

But this one did. Mostly because the owner had performed a modification to the third brake light, the one in the center. It was modded so that instead of just a light coming on, a small line of LEDs would bounce back and forth horizontally when the brake pedal was depressed.

It felt like KITT was mooning me.

That’s Not Glaze

It’s my goal to acquire national fame for Chez Fred by becoming a clearinghouse for video clips of news broadcasts that have screwed the pooch. Sadly, the bastards at KTVU made YouTube take down my clip heralding the comic genius of Mike Litoris, so you may want to watch this one while you can.

First, a little background. I frequently read a website called Fark. They basically feature discussion threads on news stories that people submit, along with a funny headline. Similar goings-on happen at another website, Something Awful.

One feature occurring on both sites is the occasional Photoshop contest; a topic or source picture will be thrown out there, and people will use their favorite image-manipulation software (open-source whoring time: my favorite is the GIMP) to create a funny image based on that. Then everyone votes for the one they like best.

That’s where the source for the following came from:

For those who still can’t quite make it out, here’s the original source image:

Magical. Part of me feels for the poor technical director who made that graphic, and the other part wonders what the hell they were doing searching the open Internet for source images…