Classic Dishes...

I Should Think He Would Need Help With That

After watching the game yesterday, I’ve been paying half an ounce of attention to the sports websites, mainly because at the party I was at, we were all left slack-jawed that the final Arizona offensive play (where Kurt Warner might-have-fumbled-or-was-that-an-incomplete-pass) didn’t undergo a booth review. All game long, far less questionable plays earlier in the game were being reviewed pretty much instantaneously, just to make sure they got it right. So why wasn’t this one?

(It’s possible that they did and I missed it, because I haven’t seen a flurry of “OMG WTF BBQ HOW COULD THEY NOT REVIEW THAT???!?!!!!!ELEVEN” posts. But that’s neither here nor there.)

Anyhow, as a result, I happened to poke my head in at for the first time in a while. (Honestly, I haven’t had very much use for them ever since they lost the NHL deal to Versus and the NHL themselves put up a really good site for scores and highlights.) And I checked out Bill Simmons’ column on the game (which was halfway tolerable seeing as the Patriots weren’t involved in the game this year), and regretted it not even two sentences in:

…when James Harrison unleashed his amazing 100-yard TAINT with help from the officials…

Apparently it stands for “Touchdown After an INTerception.” Who knew?