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A fine selection of offerings from our Hiway Software division…

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Three wallpapers for your computer’s desktop, featuring the logo of the San Jose Sharks!

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After a year off, the .ICS schedule for the San Jose Sharks makes a triumphant return! Yep, you can get more official ones from Google, or hell, from the Sharks themselves (that’s where I started from!), but you should Accept No Substitute for the original. Enjoy! (210 KB)

Version 2.1 of my Jeopardy Challenger for Windows, based on an electronic toy I had as a child used to keep score along with the show as you watch Jeopardy on TV. I redid this new version in Visual Basic 2005 (the original Challenger was done in Visual C++.NET), and I’m rather happy with that decision, as I ran into far fewer syntax issues with VB. Please let me know what you think of it, if you come across any bugs, and if you have ideas for features I might be able to work into future versions!

NOTE: This requires Version 3.5 of the .NET Framework to run. Most people have installed this at some point, but if it throws an error about not being able to find the runtime, it’s because you need it and don’t have it. Here’s the official Microsoft link to the installer.

A&Q Challenger (Windows Phone 7)

I bet you’re thinking “Hey, that Jeopardy Challenger thing sure is cool, but really, what’s the point on a PC? I don’t carry my laptop with me everywhere, especially when I’m playing along with Jeopardy.” Well, so did I. It always wanted to be a mobile app, and since I’m a Windows Phone guy now, I ported it over to WP7 so everyone can now have the true handheld experience it always should have been. (It even includes a high-score table so you can track your best games!)