Classic Dishes...


Ding, dong, the witch is dead. The original Survivor, Richard Hatch, has been voted out of Survivor All-Stars. And I can’t say I’m terribly surprised.

Hatch, while he made for great TV as a heel, reminded me of a baseball player from the 1930’s trying to play the game today: Survivor has changed so much over the course of – what, seven series now? – that his playing style, which might have been effective when everyone in the world was still trying to figure out what Survivor WAS, was just so out of touch with what the game has become that he simply didn’t have a hope in hell. Remember, he surfed into the initial million dollars on an alliance back when nobody knew what an alliance WAS. The game just doesn’t work like that anymore.

Interesting side-note. Of the four Sole Survivors who started this game, Ethan Zohn is the only one still remaining. And he seems to be in a pretty good situation right now, if he stays hooked up with Lex and Colby.

Also interesting: CBS has it screwed up on their website right now, they list Jerribitch as a member of Chapera, but I could swear that Mogo Mogo took her in the draft. CBS shows Jenna L. on Team Green, and that’s not right, because I remember a big to-do about Colby and Jerribitch being reunited.

Regarding Dick’s, well, um, dick, and it’s proximity to Soozin during that fateful part of the immunity challenge: if this is what she’s going to bitch vociferously to Probst about next week (no spoiler there, a pissed-off Soozin was screaming at Jeff about being humiliated in the promo for next week’s show), then I dun wanna hear it. She drives a truck, fer God’s sake, she hauls around concrete, she’s more man than Hatch is. He wants to expose his nutsack in a physical challenge? Grab him by it, and throw his dumb ass off of the rigging. I promise you he won’t try to do it again. Us guys learn early on in life never to show our balls to anyone in a position to kick them. You’d think Hatch would know better.

So, looking at the new teams, Chapera appears to be in real trouble, despite their genius of letting Boston Rob run the platforms when they figured out that he BY FAR was the best at it (Duh. Construction worker. High steel. You think he doesn’t have some balance skills?) He’s clearly in control there, since he’s doing Amber, who we already knew was incapable of original thought, and since Big Tom is quickly turning into a boorish drunk. Best thing that could happen to them is to run out of whisky. On top of that, Jenna and Rupert are fighting for their lives as outsiders – there just isn’t a cohesive unit anywhere in there, aside from Rob and Amber. Chapera blew their chance to break them up last week, and they’re gonna pay for it.

That said, I think the eventual champion is gonna come from Mogo Mogo. My money is still on Lex, but any of the Holy Triumverate of Lex, Ethan, and Colby could go the distance now that Hatch isn’t around to stir up the shit, and all three of them are too smart to trust Boston Rob any further than they can throw him.

So, play on…

Come On Down

Okay, I’m calling The Four Of You to arms.

See, my man Randy West has been one of the fill-in announcers on The Price Is Right since before Rod Roddy passed away last year, and he has, as expected, done a phenomenal job, and by all that is right and holy should be hired on as the full-time permanent announcer for the show.

So I’m asking you to help me tell CBS that.

They’re running a poll here. I need you to vote early and vote often (selecting Randy West, of course, if you pick Daniel Rosen you can cheerfully burn in hell), so we can make sure our part is done to get this man hired.

Look at it this way: If you vote for him, and you went to a taping of TPiR someday….well, okay, there prolly isn’t a damn thing extra that I could do for you. But I and he would appreciate it greatly.

That’s “West”. W-E-S-T. Thanks.

Another link to the poll

Feed Me

Good deal, everything seems to be in place and working, I can make the announcement now: is now offering an RSS feed!

(Okay, technically, it’s not QUITE RSS, it’s Atom, but from what I can tell most modern RSS aggregators and sites read Atom just as well…in fact, most test their feeds at

So, if you have LiveJournal and would like to add to your Friends page as a syndicated feed, just open it up at:

…click the link to Add the feed, and log in if necessary! Remember, in LJ, the more people who subscribe to a given feed, the less it costs everybody, so tell your friends!

If you’re using a different RSS aggregator, the URL you will want to use is:

Give it a try! I’d love to know what people think!

One, Two

Please don’t mind this. I’m doing some RSS testing. Hopefully we’ll have a major announcement about this soon.

Tit For Tat

Something occurred to me this morning, about this whole Super Bowl / Janet Jackson’s nipple thing.

They ran ads for no less than three different drugs designed to aid in the heartbreak of erectile disfunction during the game.

So it seems that if the NFL and CBS want me to get a hard-on through pharmaceutical means, that’s no problem. But if I want to do it NATURALLY, well, ahem, we can’t have THAT!