Classic Dishes...

Banner Day

Last night’s final from the I’d-call-it-fabulous-but-the-actual-seating-bowl-is-a-shiathole Honda Center in Anaheim:

Friday, March 28
San Jose Sharks 3
Anaheim Ducks 1
(Sharks clinch 3rd Pacific Division title)

Bring on…well, whoever winds up as the 7- or 8-seed!


Because Hot Dogs Just Taste Better When They’re $6.50 A Pop

Ah, public relations people. You gotta love them. Mainly because as far as I know murdering them is still a capital offense in most states.

Today’s Golden Slurpee goes to Washington Nationals spokesperson Chartese Burnett, on the team’s commendable policy allowing patrons to bring in their own food at the Nats’ new stadium:

“I don’t know who’s going to want to bring in food with all the great offerings at Nationals Park.”

Spoken like a woman who hasn’t paid for ballpark food in a long, LONG time.

Daaaa Bears!

I discovered today that Carl’s Jr. now offers a Chili-Cheese (Double or Six-Dollar optional) Burger. And, hey, so long as we’re doing that, let’s dump some on the fries, too! They also now have a Cap’n Crunch milkshake. I remember way back that Planet Hollywood used to use crushed-up Cap’n as a breading for their chicken fingers (in fact, I see they still do), but this was the first time I had seen it as a dessert mix-in.

It’s like they’re basing their entire marketing strategy around how heart-attack-inducing their meals are.

Fun little puzzle (although I did a lot of the work for you above): Go to the Carl’s Jr. Nutritional Calculator. Using only one entree item (burger, breakfast item, or other sammich…you could use a salad if you want, but you won’t want to – keep reading), a single side, a single dessert, and ONLY LOGICAL EXTRAS (you must be able to make a case as to why it would be desirable with that meal), see if you can cobble together a meal that clocks in at over 3000 calories. It CAN be done!

(I am SO going to Fatburger tomorrow night for dinner.)

Let Me Know Who Shot First

From One Of The Four David Zinkin, I present: Best. Headline. EVAR.