Classic Dishes...

Let There Be Light!

I finished my pimp-ed out PC case tonight! Today I went down to Fred Meyer and picked up a screwdriver, and Dremeled off some of the length of the screws (they were too long for my heatsink), and installed the lit PC fan. Now I REALLY need to find me a LAN party to show it off.

Other news: Congratulations to the Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning. Not that I’m particularly thrilled that an expansion team that came into the league AFTER the Sharks won a Cup before they did, but the Calgary Flames handled themselves with so little class when faced with defeat (a personality trait made evident even before the Sharks squared off against them), and their fans were so obnoxious, that it pleased me greatly to see them all reduced to Sad Pandas.

Plus, that whole “Canada’s Team” thing pissed me off, especially considering how busy most Canadians are blowing the Maple Leafs most years. Never underestimate the ability of a Canadian to play the Persecuted Martyr. I’m sure we’ll see more of it in the World Cup this September.

More sports: The San Jose Sabercats advanced to their second ArenaBowl today with a 49-35 win over the Chicago Rush. They will either travel to the Snake Pit to face the Arizona Rattlers, or host John Elway’s Colorado Crush in two week’s time, pending the outcome of the other semifinal game tomorrow afternoon.

One more quick thing I’d been meaning to share for a while: Paper Arcade! Here’re my first two attempts at Fine Art…not bad for someone who doesn’t put together those little models for a reason….