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Laying The SmackDown

I was present at the WWF SmackDown tapings tonight in Tacoma with my buddy Mike. I may not have many vices, but professional wrestling is one of them. (Before you roll your eyes and start in on me, yes, I know it’s fake.) Anyhow, they taped for this Thursday’s SmackDown broadcast on UPN, as well as this Sunday’s Heat on MTV. Had a good time. Look for me if you happen to be watching UPN on Thursday at 8. I’m the big guy in the green shirt at the bottom of the upper deck. :)

Me and Mike were displeased with the crowd for much of the night, they weren’t reacting to the matches the way a “good” wrestling audience was supposed to. I’d go into details, but I’d be trying your patience.

I don’t expect to convert you overnight, so instead I’ll list a few wrestling sites I like to read, and maybe it’ll give you a glimpse into pro wrestling from an “adult” point of view:

Pro Wrestling Torch
Our So-Called Sport
CRZ’s Slash Wrestling

All Props

I’d be horribly remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to my friend Little Nemo, who not only gave me the idea to do this with my page, but does it so much better than I ever will be able to on hers. If mine just has some semblance of continuity I’ll be pretty happy. Have a look at her site over at, and then find me on her BBS, which you can connect to from the page.

Opening Day

Well, here we are. We’ve gone live with the new Blogger-enhanced version of the page. Hopefully this means the main page gets updated more than once every FIVE GODDAMN YEARS, and that maybe people might look at this thing once in a blue moon.

If you’ve never seen this Blogger thing, it’s awfully damn cool, you ought to click the button to your left there and have a look-see…literally in minutes you can have one of these on your own page. Lord knows it’s easy, if someone like me who has had the Web pass them by can get it rolling.