Classic Dishes...

Called On The Carpet

I’m watching the Today show while I’m gettin’ ready for work this morning, and Matt Lauer is talking to recently-expelled representaive James Traficant.

Now, I don’t much care about the story, four years working in TV news pretty much does the deed to insure that you don’t pay much more attention to national news than you absolutely have to, but Holy God, does this putz not have the worst looking rug you’ve ever seen? Somebody wake that thing up and let it crawl back into its cage, willya? I’d have voted him out of Congress on hair alone.

Taking A Break

So it’s Sunday afternoon, I’m watching ESPN, and they’re presenting the World Breaking Championships. Buncha martial at-teests, each one of whom could kick my ass with but a thought, showing me how intelligent they are by ramming various body parts through stacks of concrete blocks.

Except they keep missing.

Guy stacks up 10 blocks, he gets maybe 4. Next guy brings 15, clears seven. To be fair, one contestant was a man of his word: ten blocks stood when he started, and ten blocks were in pieces when he finished.

I wanna be in the crowd to heckle these people. Never mind that I would snap a limb trying ONE block, these guys are pros.

“Hey, buddy, you couldn’t break a SWEAT! You couldn’t break WIND!”