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You’re In My Seat

I love hockey. Love it to death. It’s 1:36 on Sunday morning, and I’m up watching a rebroadcast of a Canadiens / USSR game from 1976 on CBC. Not a spot of advertising to be seen anywhere on the rink. Two Habs wearing helmets, the rest bare. Amazing.

I finally have season tickets this year. Not for my beloved San Jose Sharks, unfortunately, but for the local Seattle Thunderbirds. 16-20-year-olds trying their hearts out to make it to the bigs. Makes for most interesting hockey.

There’s something about having a season ticket that takes being a sports fan to another level. Walking to the arena, you feel just a bit more important than the other folks going to the game. Total crap, of course, but it’s fun to indulge. If you have the means and live in an area with a local sports club that offers season tickets for a reasonable amount, I recommend taking the plunge just once, so you get a better idea of what I mean.

And Go Sharks. :)