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Pop Goes The Website

A question for The Four Of You:

When you click a link in a Chez Fred post, would you rather it open a new browser window (or tab, depending on how you have your browser set up. You’re not using a tabbed browser? Jesus, would you dump IE already, you unsecure jackweed?), or would you rather navigate away from Chez Fred to that link? I’ve got arguments for and against both, but I want to be a Man Of The People, and so I’m soliciting your opinion.

Please feel free to state your preference in the Comments for this post.

8 comments to Pop Goes The Website

  • Peter

    Pop-up bad. If I want to open into a new tab/window, I’m perfectly capable of right-clicking, then “Open in new tab/window”. I prefer having control over it myself.

    And FWIW, I don’t visit your site– I read your RSS feed via Sharpreader.

  • I tend to right-click and open in new tab anyway, so it doesn’t matter much to me. But I vaguely prefer external links that open new tabs.

  • Clay

    Don’t make much never-mind to me, but if’n I had to choose, it’d be for links to open in a new tab (or window).

    Except for stuff about hanging out the door of a moving car; those should open in a “Jackass, why do you want to read this crap?” window.

  • Seth

    Count me among those who’d rather see the new window/tab (seriously, there are folks still on IE?). I usually like to read whatever site/blog I’m reading, open up all the outside links together, then read all the extras when I’m done (unless something referenced calls for me to read something sooner)

  • Jenn

    Still on IE at work.

    Using Safari at home

    Don’t really care.

  • Nathan Beeler

    I agree with Peter’s assessment – I expect no popups unless I command them.

  • From #1 of the 4:
    I think you should decide whichever you like better yourself and go with that.
    Woot! Your page is cool enough.

  • Danielle

    New tab vote.

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