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Starlight, Star Bright

The Four Of You know what Starlight Mints are, right? Those little red and white candies that you get with your check at the end of a meal?

Well, after the post office (see below), I drove through Taco Hell ‘cuz I realized I hadn’t had any lunch. And I was delighted to upend the bag when I got home and watch a Starlight Mint tumble out along with my burrito. Back when I was little, when Mom went to drop off Dad’s shirts (My dad has a thing for wool shirts) at the dry cleaner, I used to go in with her and was permitted to select a piece of candy from the dish by the counter, which more often than not contained Starlight Mints. There is hard candy I like more, but I smile whenever I see a Starlight Mint.

So I polish of my burrito, and squeeze the mint from its wrapper, still mildly amused that Taco Hell now takes at least a cursory concern about my breath. I popped the mint in my mouth, and got ONE HELL of a shock:

Starlight Mints are supposed to be PEPPERMINT. Not cinnamon. PEPPERMINT.

2 comments to Starlight, Star Bright

  • Clay

    Two things:

    1. Wouldn’t that be an OLFACTORY, not a CURSORY, concern for your breath?

    2. We like the Starlights, too. But we call ’em ‘hypnomints.’ Spin one in front of you; your breath won’t improve, but you might get verrrrrry sleeeeeepy…

  • Jenn

    I have a vague recollection of red&white being peppermint and red&pink being cinnamon. Or is this crack very smooth?


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