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Don’t Panic. Really.

I have a new favorite movie theater in the Seattle area. Cinerama is about to get their asses handed to them.

I went to see The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy at the Loews at Alderwood today. Wow. The place has ample free parking, including a covered garage, and the place is MASSIVE. I estimated the posters on the outside of the building at thirty feet high. The entrance to the building is on the second story, and the atrium when you walk in rivals any arena I’ve ever been to. Just spectacular.

All manner of gastronomic delights were available (including pizza, and dedicated ice cream and coffee stands), and the condiment stands let you apply your own Real Butter Flavored Imitation Motor Oil (and I’m prolly gonna get my Gourmand Card revoked for this, but when I’m at a movie, load that oil on early and often.), and the theater was easily as big as Cineramas, with the raiseable armrests and rocking chairs and stadium seating and all kinds of legroom. Just awesome. THIS is the way to watch a movie. (And did I mention, free parking?)

And the movie? I really liked it. The standard argument from the people who have panned it is “it’s not like the book”. Yes. It’s not. And you know what? I am perfectly fine with that. I’ve already read the book. I have no problem seeing the story told a different way, and with lots of eye candy. There were lots of book references and in-jokes, and they made me happy, and I thought the story was perfectly fine.

And let’s hope they get the folks at Shynola to do the menus and lots of lots of supplementary information for the DVD. Would you buy the DVD if it had a second disc that was basically a functioning Guide? Damn, I would.

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  • I’ve never read the book, but the film looks interesting.

    We have our own first-class megaplexes in the area. I’ve been going to the Krikorian Theatre nearby, mostly because they serve Pepsi instead of Coke. They have lots of nifty yummies too.

    I would kill to get a theater/resturant combo like the one that was recently featured on Food Network opened out here.

  • Poky

    That is one thing I like about living in the land of McMenamin’s. They run about 5 second-run theaters that are cheap and you can take your food in and sit in comfy couches or at tables with chairs and watch the movie. It’s like being at home, only bigger screen and no pause button. I’ll definitely have to check out the Loew’s next time I’m in the Seattle area, though; sounds cool. I grew up within range of Alderwood and spent many an hour hanging out at that mall and went to many movies at the Cineplex Odeon complex at the other end of the mall.

    Oh, and FYI, Fred, according to bloglines there are three of us subscribed to your RSS just through bloglines. :)

  • lsmsrbls

    I liked it, too. A lot of my friends thought the love story was trite and the movie centered on it too much, but they’re dumb. It was a fun movie.

  • Nathan Beeler

    Haven’t seen THGTTG yet, but what I want to know is how close it sticks to the original radio program. I mean, if we’re going to be anal let’s do it properly.

    Also, Frod, you should be pimping Landmark theatres. They use real butter and their movies are usually better than most cineplexes (though admittedly there is no free parking at any of the ones in Seattle).

  • Jenn

    The movie was fantastic (and I’ve read all the books, even Young Zaphod PLays it Safe). DId it follow the radio show or the books exactly? No. DId that matter to me? No. The kept in all the best bits and the *tone* was the same. Prolly comes of having the author write the screenplay (or the majority of it, anyway, before he said so long and thanks for all the fish himself).

    Oh, and the new Alderwood theater… well… Fred said it better than I could. I can think of only one thing wrong with the whole setup, and that’s that the wheelchair-accesible ‘seats’ are too close to the screen.

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