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What’s In A Name

I hate it when a sports team names itself for a state instead of a city. The Golden State Warriors, the Colorado Avalanche, and the Utah Jazz, among others, are guilty of this. In the case of the Warriors, it’s for marketing: they don’t ACTUALLY play in San Francisco, but they want San Franciscans to support them. Hell, the stinkin’ New York football teams don’t even play in freakin’ New York!

Golden State, though. That one always chapped me. California is a big place with many major metropolitan areas. How DARE these guys claim to represent the entire state! ESPECIALLY with the Lakers down south winning championship rings?

The Avs play in Denver. Nothing wrong with Devner. It works for the Nuggets and the Broncos. Are the Avs and Rockies embarrassed to be in Denver? On the other hand, the New Jersey thing, I totally understand. :)

The California Angels always bugged me, too. California has FIVE baseball teams. Who are THEY to suggest they are the state’s official team? One of the few good things Disney did, when they bought the team and realized that most people knew where Anaheim was and associated it with a rather large amusement park holding of the same parent company, renamed the team to the Anaheim Angels. Amaheim. Great. That’s where you play, that’s the name of the stadium, you should be named for the city. Perfect.

Well, apparently that’s not good enough for new owner Arte Moreno, who bought the team the year after they won their first World Series, in 2003. He feels the need to glom on to Southern California again, and has renamed the team to The Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim. Gawd. What a pain in the ass. Bad enough when the Ducks did it, but that was Disney capitalizing on a movie. This makes no sense at all.

Arte’s not fooling anyone, and that’s a hell of a nice way to say thanks to a city that renovated their multiuse stadium into a beautiful baseball park just for the team that stayed.

I’m waiting to see what happens when The Loe Angeles Angels of Anaheim roll into D.C. to square off against The Washington Nationals, Formerly The Montreal Expos, at This Used To Be Halliburton Stadium Until The FTC Buried Their Dumb Asses, So Now We’re Named For A Nice Quiet Product Like Sprite Field.

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