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Burn Baby Burn

Western Conference Finals, Game Three
San Jose Sharks 3
Calgary Flames 0
(Flames lead series 2-1)

Now we may have a series. The Sharks did a lot last night, including: their first win in the Conference Finals, a shutout that Nabokov desperately needed for his confidence, and a win on the road. On top of that, Alex Korolyuk got to stick it to the coach who wouldn’t play him. The only remaining stigma is winning at home, and they’ll at least get a Game Five in which to do that back in San Jose. Game Four is Sunday at 1:00P on ESPN.

I’m not even gonna bother with a Survivor Spoiler, because if you didn’t know that Rupert had the Viewer Vote Million sewn up from the get-go, then you weren’t paying attention. He could have dropped his pants and farted the theme from Jaws for twenty seconds and Probst woulda been writing his name on that check. Which is fine with me, he’s clearly a good guy and that money will do a lot of good things for his family and those close to him. That said, the “America’s Tribal Council” show was still fun to watch, just to see Rupert roar at the assembled audience. I get the idea he’d be a fun guy to attend a football game with.

Got the parts for my pimp-ed out PC case the other day. Hopefully I’ll drop the parts into it Sunday during the game, if I watch it at home. I shall try to post a picture when it’s done. I have discovered that a chase-light kit exists, which I may pick up a couple of down the road (one kit contains 10 LEDs, to do it right I’d want around 20, I think) and attempt to install around the edge of the window. :)

I left my cellphone at home today, by accident. It’s silly, considering I don’t use it much at all, but I feel naked without it, like THIS is the time something is gonna happen where I need it. So let’s hope for an incident-free day, huh?

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  • Jenn

    I’m no Big Tom fan, but I thought his Sally Field (is it Sally Field?) moment… y’know… the “They like me. They really like me” stuff, was very touching…

    Gotta love Rupert…


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