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Programming Note, And One Year Closer To Death

Little programming note: those who thought that Game Six of the Sharks / Avalanche series would be tonight (as you might infer from the every-other-day nature of most playoff series), your humble Host included, were incorrect. It is in fact tomorrow, Tuesday, the 4th, at 5:00P, broadcast nationally on ESPN.

Tuesday also marks the completion of my 33rd circuit of the sun. This doesn’t bode well for the game, as going back to Little League my teams do not have the best of luck on my birthday. I think I won one baseball game on…well, it woulda been my 11th. And standing out in right field, I had not a thing to do with it.

One more little thing, for those of you who watch(ed) Angel on the WB: being, I assume, a demon and all, why doesn’t Lorne kill all of the humans he hangs out with?

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  • Not all demons are evil. There are at least two flavors of demon. Your basic Hell demon comes from below and is assumed to be in league with the forces of darkness. Demons also come from other dimensions, and these guys run the spectrum of D&D alignments.

    So to answer your question, not only is Lorne from another dimension, but he’s also rather fey.

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