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So I apologize to everyone for not having posted in a while, but I fear I just haven’t had all that much to say. So we’re gonna try one of those bits-and-pieces Larry King-type posts. I’m just gonna talk about the little things that come to mind. Here goes:

Blogger needs the ability to give individual titles to posts . LiveJournal lets you do it, Blogger should too. (I suppose you could always title it in the first line, and then boldface it and give it a HEADER tag, maybe. I should play around with that.)

I got a new cellphone last week. It’s pretty neat. I’ve always wanted one with a color screen and the ability to modify it with my own graphics and ringtones and such, and Costco had a deal, so I took the plunge. So of course the first thing I did was upload into it a boatload of game show themes for the ringers, and a San Jose Sharks graphic for the wallpaper.

Speaking of the Sharks, round two of the playoffs starts tonight! They handled the Blues with dispatch…I don’t think Colorado will be so easy, but I think we can beat them if we stick to our game. It would also help if Peter Forsberg were to suddenly drop dead.

We haven’t talked about Survivor lately. I’m disappointed that Lex is out, but he dug his own grave. Looks GOOD sporting the Mohawk on the jury. though. Unless someone grows a brain and makes a move SOON, it’s gonna be Rawb v. Ambuh for all the marbles, and even then it’s entirely possible that Rawb can run the table on immunity. Certainly he’s favored as long as the challenge is physical. There’s a chance if we have a mental challenge soon, Alicia wins it, and strikes while the iron is hot.

Man, I do NOT know how I lived without TiVo. I used my old-skool VCR to record Survivor last week (‘cuz it was on opposite the Sharks), and I was amazed at what a pain in the ass it was to program (and mine’s pretty easy). You just get spoiled clicking one button and having it be done. Now if I can just work up the sack to put a second drive in it and figure out how to Monte it so I can extract video.

I need to decide whether I’m gonna record Survivor tonight on the VCR or off my PC. The PC just got a new hard drive, but the TV card doesn’t record the audio as loud as I would like. (I might be able to leave it on the Tivo, if I’m stuck watching the game on ESPN2 and the Center Ice local feed is blacked out. We’ll see.)

I hope this problem with my MP3 player is confined to the battery. I plugged it into a power strip to recharge, but I didn’t realize I was plugging it in between two seperate outlets instead of into an isolated one. I’m sure this fucks up polarity or grounding or something, and now the thing doesn’t realize when the battery is full. If I killed the battery, I can probably obtain another one, but I need a special one to use the contact in the player to rechange it, which is much more convenient than a seperate charger. If I killed the circuitry on the MP3 player, I’ll be pissed.

I’m jazzed about this Iron Chef America thing FoodTV has coming up this weekend. They clearly have their ducks in a row far straighter than UPN ever did…but I liked Chairman Shatner. I dunno about this new kid. But Alton Brown is in the Hattori chair, and that is Jack Nicholson / Joker-style casting, as far as I’m concerned. Should be fun.

In the last year, TV has cancelled Mister Sterling, Ed, Boston Public, and the Drew Carey version of Who’s Line. What show that I liked will they shitcan next? You folks better hope I don’t get into Joan Of Arcadia. (I have some stuff to say about her, but I’d like to watch one more episode to make sure my opinion still holds.)

Well, it’s just about time for me to pack up and get out of here, so I’ll wrap this for now. Perhaps I’ll have some Survivor thoughts in the morning, if something remotely interesting happens.

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