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Cookie D’oh

If you can’t laugh at my misfortune, what can you laugh at, right?

So I decided I was gonna make chocolate chip cookies (Alton Brown’s The Chewy) tonight. Unwrapped a couple sticks of butter, dug out the saucepan I use for melting same (the last of my original cookware – the remainder was unceremoniously retired today in favor of new pots and pans which received a run through the dishwasher before being entered into service), and the usual plastic bowl I pre-sift the flour and baking soda into. Butter on the back burner, bowl on the front one (my counterspace is minimal at best), burner on, commence measuring flour. Hmm. Not much flour. Hope it’s enough. After a careful measure….ah, close enough! Rock and roll!

Sift sift sift. How’s the butter doing? Hm, still rock hard. Hey, something doesn’t look right. *peer* Dammit, that’s the wrong burner! Get that bowl the hell off of there!

….too late. The bottom had melted enough that I deposited the last two-plus cups of flour in the house directly onto the burner, along with a good bit of melted plastic.

Oh well. I was goin’ out to bring back some dinner anyhow. Now I can make a detour for a bag of flour on the way.

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