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Stupid’s With Me

My TiVo grabbed the first episode of Comedy Central’s foray into that excretable genre known as “reality television”, I’m With Busey last night. I just watched it now.

The concept is that this kid who claims to be a huge fan of Gary Busey’s writes to him to pitch the idea of this show. He can do that now ‘cuz he’s a comedy writer professionally. (Me, I’m keeping my amateur status for Athens.) And, probably because Busey thought it would be fun and a good opportunity to screw with everyone’s heads, he agrees to hang with this kid and let the cameras follow them around.

Now, if this kid were playing the part of a drooling fanboy, and doing his job, this could be a pretty funny show. Thing is, you can tell right off that he’s a better writer than he is an actor, and he’s NOT playing the part, he REALLY IS a drooling fanboy. And that’s more painful to watch than it is funny, because Busey spends his time generally abusing him. The two have no chemistry at all. The half hour didn’t end soon enough.

Clearly, me and my Tivo need to sit down and have a little talk.

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