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I Hate To Say I Told You So…

Remember when Clay Bennett bought the Seattle Sonics last year?

2 comments to I Hate To Say I Told You So…

  • Jesse McGatha

    All I can say… Thank god we can finally unload the ingrates. We’re still paying for the last round of upgrades they insisted on for Key Arena. Now they just want more. Good riddance.

    I was much more intrigued to hear that Seattle is supposed to be getting an MLS expansion team co-owned by Drew Carey… Aroo?

  • Nathan

    Well, I’d like to give you kudos, but you and everyone who pays half assed attention to anything knew this was an inevitability. A billionaire from Oklahoma, one who has repeatedly stated his intent of bringing a basketball team to Oklahoma, buys the Sonics – but then magically claims he doesn’t want to move them unless he has to. Yeah, that’s a tough one to see through. I blame Howard Schultz for even trying to foist off on us the idea that they’d be anything but the OKC Sonics once he sold them to Bennett.

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