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They’re Not Worthy

So tonight I tuned in to my first episode of The Apprentice this season. I won’t spoil anything if you haven’t watched yet, but I have two observations to make:

First off, I’m in full agreement with my man Travis when he says that the Vote For Exemption is idiotic. There’s not a single reason TO do it, and yet the ladies handed one out tonight. Dumb.

Second, you would think that after three series of this, the contestants would learn one very important thing: If The Donald suggests or advises against bringing a specific person back into the Boardroom for potential firing, particularly if he does so after you’ve already announced your intentions, LISTEN TO HIM. The Donald does not bluff. If he’s telling you to do that, it means he either wants you to bring that person in so he can fire THEM, or that he’s NOT going to fire the person you DO want to bring in. Either way, NOT listening to him greatly increases the chances that he’s gonna fire YOU.

And, of course, the guy who did this tonight did not listen to The Donald, and therefore was sent packing.

So we have idiot women who don’t know how to play the game, and idiot men who try to throw someone under the bus at exactly the wrong time.

They should all lose. Where’s the Get The Hell Out Of My Office guy from My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss when you need him?

2 comments to They’re Not Worthy

  • Travis Eberle

    Since it’s a vote in front of everyone, I would think there are ways to game it. If Donald goes down the line and asks each person, if you’re on the end, just vote with the group-your vote doesn’t matter anymore, and you’re perceived as a team player.

    It would be far more interesting to give each person a pair of colored marbles and have them drop the appropriate one in a jar, preferably in a voting confessional or some such. Just like the OTHER show created by Mark Burnett.

    The problem is even if the PM did a fantastic job on the task, he or she is still part of the team, and if you’re given an out to bring him on even footing with you, you’d be insane to gift wrap an exemption. And we watched that happen last night. Stupid, stupid, stupid women.

  • Nathan Beeler

    You need a job *now* so you don’t have to watch crap like this any longer, my friend.

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