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Eggs, Seen On TV

I’m watching Millionaire on GSN right now, and I just saw an ad for this.

If you don’t feel like following the link or are reading me via RSS or something, it’s an omelette pan that has a switch in the handle that makes the sides flip over and fold the thing. Valued at $70, yours today on Sale Of The Century for the low low price of just $19.99.

I have something like this in a kitchen drawer. It’s called a SPATULA.

Really, folks, is it that hard to fold a freakin’ omelette? Put in your filling, fold over the right third (with your handy-dandy $3 heat-proofed spatula), cook a little more (if you’re melting cheese or something), then slide the folded half out onto your serving plate and use the pan to fold in the other third. I just did it last night.

Plus, I can just imagine what fun it will be to clean all of the egg that oozes down into the crevices formed by the folding bits.

Going back to the previous post about People Being (Freakin’) Stupid, there must be a market for this crap or else they wouldn’t advertise it.

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  • Travis Eberle

    As an addendum to the last sentence; let’s remember that Fred Wostbrock is pulling down $25 and up for each picture that he sells on eBay. Not only that, but he’s got stacks of the same ones.

    I’ve never tried to actually make an omelette; so I’ll get back to you on how hard they are to do right.

  • Nick W.

    I am precisely one of the hopeless wannabe chefs that they’re marketing to/preying on. Omelettes, pancakes, seemingly anything involving the application of heat to turn liquid ingredients into solid food, I am hopeless at.

    I flip, but they flop.
    I -flip-, but they -flop-

  • Which is also my point: if you can’t cook, you can’t cook, and kitchen gadgetry isn’t gonna help you. (Personally, I believe everyone can cook, but it takes practice, not Q The Armorer.) But if you can cook enough to get an omelette to the point where it’s time to fold it? You can damn well fold it. NEVER have I seen someone make an omelette, get the egg in the pan, cook it, put the filling down the middle, and say “Damn. What now?”

  • Nick W.

    Well I have no illusions that any of this junk is going to make me into a short order cook, but it does prey on my insecurities and weaknesses.

    As for omelette folding, it should be easy, but every time I try to do the fold it splits and the final product looks as if it had been garnished with a shotgun blast. My guess is that I’m folding too soon.

    Maybe I should switch to fritattas.

  • Prolly a combination of that and trying to stuff too much filling in there.

    I do two things with omelettes that I didn’t before: I cook over medium heat (otherwise the bottom is burning before the runny egg on top sets, and we all know that runny egg is the work of the Devil), and I throw a lid on the pan for a minute or so once I’m satisfied I have a good round going. (The steam cooks the bit of runny crap on top.)

    I’ve found my finished product is much improved that way.

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