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Bravo, You’re A Tremendous Slouch

If you’d told me fifteen years ago that Bravo would be one of the cable channels I watched the most, I would have laughed at you. In my defense, fifteen years ago nobody had a clue that Bravo would abandon their schedule of shitty opera performances in favor of shows like Celebrity Poker Showdown, the Queer Eye’s, and Blow Out.

That said, whoever writes the ad copy there needs to be beaten with a hammer.

In running an ad for the execrable Chris Farley / David Spade vehicle “Tommy Boy”, they referred to the insult-to-celluloid as “The Caddyshack of the ’90’s!”


It’s a) not about golf, b) not particularly funny, and c) not particularly beloved.

Rodney must be spinning in his grave right now.

4 comments to Bravo, You’re A Tremendous Slouch

  • Carmen

    Ok I will admit it’s not even in the same ballpark as Caddyshack, but I think you grossly underestimate the appeal of Tommy Boy. It is definitely beloved among a certain sub-group of people, and was almost certainly the best example of physical comedy in movie form of the 90’s.

    Not a classic, but it does stand on it’s own for the time period. (Doesn’t say much about the 90’s.) Plus, their job isn’t to be accurate, it’s to hype things. Think of the other options…Carson critiquing Spade’s outfits, or Lipton talking about Farley’s acting methods.

    I’ll take the tripe, I know how to tune it out at least. :)

  • Point taked. I admit a certain bias, because I DESPISE Chris Farley’s act (every character I’ve ever seen him do has been a clone of the Van Down By The River guy or the That Was Cool Interviewer guy.), but I acknowledge that he has a couple of fans.

    But still, Caddyshack? Freakin’ CADDYSHACK? You just DON’T desecrate the good name of the Greatest Movie About Caddies Of All Time without raising my ire. :)

  • Nathan Beeler

    And how dare you besmirch “Canine Caddy”, sir, which is clearly the greatest movie about caddies! Or was it “The Legend of Bagger Vance”? :)

  • Ben Williams

    I have never seen Caddyshack, but own Tommy Boy…I think that movie’s next on my list to buy…

    I think the big problem is that all channels are becoming homogenized (VH1, USA, E!, TBS, Bravo,) with Reality shows, celeb profiles, those insipid “top 100/most awesomely/biggest” lists.

    Pretty soon all television will be the same…

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