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Two In The Bush

As one might expect, the folks on the Air America radio network morning show were up in arms when it was announced that Kerry was conceding the election. “How COULD he?” “Keep fighting!” “I thought every vote counted!” As a Kerry supporter, I was embarrassed.


Yeah, I’m not thrilled about it, any more than I am about the realization that I live in a country where much of the Midwest, South, and approximately half of Ohio, Florida, New Mexico, and Nevada are inhabited by ABJECT IDIOTS, but come on.

Trying to find a legal loophole in the Ohio elections when your candidate has been all but mathematically eliminated is every bit as weenie as the tactics these folks have been accusing the Republicans of to keep potential Kerry voters away from the polls. Maybe the system needs fixing, but it’s the one we operate under by now, and by those rules Bush won the election, so shake the man’s hand, call it done, and go back to work trying to make the country better with the tools you have at hand. Prolonging the inevitable just because “you owe it to your supporters” (which, by the way, translates to “we poked some of your campaign money away for just such a situation, and it would look even worse if we just pocketed it”) just makes you look weak and petulant.

Yeah, so Limbaugh and Hannity are gloating right now. I’m sure it’s a lovefest over at KKKVI. At least you guys will have a job for another four years or so.

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