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Yep, it must be Monday…

This may be too geeky for some of The Four Of You, but what the hell. This is my life.

Something caught my eye on one of the message boards I read every morning, so I thought I would fire up Tivo‘s Web site and do a little Remote Scheduling. (If you are not yet Tivo-enlightened, you can basically look at listings online and tell your Tivo to record something even if you’re not home to do it. Pretty sweet.)

And I get an error message at Tivo’s site that says something to the effect of that it can’t get my channel data and to either redo Guided Setup or call ’em. So I call, and the nice fellow at the other end tells me the Tivo hasn’t made a call home in five or six days, so the guide data is prolly insufficient. Odd. I had this problem for a teeny bit when I first plugged the wireless dongle into it, but everything settled into a groove and it’s been fine since. So I figger I gotta check it out when I get home, I thank the nice man for his time, and hang up.

Five or six days ago. Hmm. That would be…..

I smack myself in the head. Tuesday.

See, I recently acquired a new laptop, with a built-in wireless card. It arrived last Tuesday. And the card hasn’t been working with my router, even though other wireless devices work fine with it and the card works with other wireless routers. (It’s a long and tedious post unto itself, believe me. Suffice it to say that a new 802.11g router is incoming and I paid the extra three bucks for two-day delivery.) Well, part of my dicking around with said router to be sure I tested everything was to change from 128-bit encryption, to none at all, and then up to 64-bit encryption, just so I’d have some coverage. And I hadn’t bothered to change it, since the new router was incoming and the 64-bit key is easier to type in.

‘Cept I totally forgot about the Tivo, which is set with a 128-bit WEP key trying to talk to a currently-64-bit WEP-ped router. You’re not gonna make a lot of connections that way, my friends.

What a dumbass. I suppose if that’s the worst thing that happens on a Monday, it’s been a pretty good Monday. But I feel like an idiot. Sheesh.

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