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Give Me Liberty, But I’ll Settle For A Free IPod

Okay, so my man Peter over at Static Zombie got me all tied up in this IPod thing. Well, I got in on the ground floor, and now it’s my turn to get hooked up. So maybe one or two of The Four Of You would like to help me out. (Well, help US out, really, ‘cuz the sooner we can confirm I’m hooked up, the sooner we get along to the next person on the list.)

So if you wanna help, just click this link and have a look at the offers on that page. If something strikes your fancy, by all means, feel free to sign up. You do that, I get credit for a referral. When I get five, they send me an IPod. (I’ve already got two, and one of them already has credit for his offer!) If you wanna get five for yourself, you can get one too.

(Yes, it’s a little pyramidish, but Wired did a story on them, and apparently they’re for real. Most of the deals are trial offers that cost nothing (for example, the Blockbuster Online deal is a two-week trial, but you’re credited for having completed the deal almost immediately, so there’s no reason you couldn’t cancel it at the end of the trial), and some even give you free stuff…the one for Infone asks you to register a credit card to sign up for their service, but it never gets charged as long as you don’t use it, and they kick you a free $10 gift certificate. Can’t beat that with a stick, right?)

(“But Chris, I don’t see the Infone offer!” you wail. Yeah, I did too. But we’ve got an angle. When yer on the offer page, copy and paste the following into your browser’s Address line: “javascript:OpenOfferWindow(‘433’);”. Voila, instant Infone offer. You might need to reload the page a time or two or surf their site a little to get the whole thing to load, but it eventually did for me. That seems to be the lowest-risk deal, and plus you get that ten bones at Amazon! Everyone wins!)

So, there’s my plea. Like I said, don’t feel obligated, I totally understand if the whole idea makes you squeamish, but Peter’s a bright guy and I figure he wouldn’t have thrown in his hat if he hadn’t checked it out. So, I figure, in for a penny, in for a pound. Just be careful about what deals you sign up for. (Again, I recommend either the Blockbuster or Infone ones.)

And I’ll even let you listen to if it this all works out! :)

5 comments to Give Me Liberty, But I’ll Settle For A Free IPod

  • There you go. I signed up for the Infone thing with your referral.

  • You rule! Thanks, Wendi! :)

    I already have 4 of the 5 I need, but only one of them is confirmed. Yours will be number 2 (and should confirm even though you didn’t pick it directly off of the list, from what we’re seeing)…if the others come through, I’m most of the way home!

    Once I get a full set of confirmations, I’ll post here and we’ll start directing people to see if we can’t get yours knocked out. :)

  • I did pick it directly off the list. But it’s not showing up as confirmed for me, yet, either. I used your referral to sign up, but then they offered me the Infone in my list of stuff to sign up for.

  • Ah, all the better. Peter tells me that it took a couple days for his to post, and if you were able to pick it off of the list naturally, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work for you.

  • Shannikinz

    I hope this all worked out for you.:) Cya :)

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