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When His Dressing Room’s Rockin’, Don’t Bother Knockin’

Here’s a classic example of why this recent trend of hiring celebrities with no actual improvisational experience to host game shows can be a bad thing:

The setup: This is from this last Wednesday’s episode of Minute To Win It, hosted by noted celebrity chef and perpetual Jersey Shore: Midlife Crisis Edition applicant Guy Fieri. The contesti had just finished off Level Seven, and Guy was setting them up for the Surprise Tearful Reunion that they do far too often on that show.

It’s not in the clip, so: The start of the statement is “These two just rocked the house with $125,000…”

<YouTube clip of Fieri proudly stating “And I just rocked the house…WITH YOUR MOM!” long since deleted.>

I wonder how long they had to stop tape.

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  • Yer Humble Host

    I am terribly sad that the clip got pulled, since it totally killed my punchline. The clip was Fieri saying (and I am not making this up) “…and I just rocked the house with YOUR MOM.”

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