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Seems The Four Of You went out and became The Eight Of You without telling me…after installing Comments I found out that a few people were reading this thing who I didn’t know about, and it was a nice surprise. Usually I respond to comments in the same thread as the comments themselves, but today I thought I’d address a couple of the items that have come up here:

Thomas writes: “Duran Duran? Really?”

Yeah, really. Duran Duran was my favorite band growing up, and remains my favorite band today behind Def Leppard. I’m excited about the new album, especially if Sunrise is any indication of how it’s going to sound, because the feeling is the same as when Leppard released Euphoria, it seems like they’ve gotten together and said “Let’s see if we can do what we did in the 80’s one more time.”

And if they’ve gotten Notorious out of their system, all the better. Whoof.

Casey writes: “I wonder what hot weather has to do with a turn signal, though…”

…and I realized I haven’t talked about the turn signal on my car at all. It’s a better forecaster of the seasons than your grandmother’s trick knee. It has an intermittent thing wrong with it such that the sensor that makes it click back to Off after making a turn gets stuck in really cold weather. Once it gets hot enough in my car to “melt” or “unstick” or whatever you want to call it, my turn signal starts to work normally again. Long story short, these two events happen very close to the official first days of summer and winter here in Seattle, and it never happened in California because it never got cold enough for the sticking to happen. Trips me up for a day at the most when it starts to stick, and then I just remember to flick it back myself when I finish a turn and everything is okay. I’m told that Honda put out a bulletin about it, so I could prolly bitch and moan and get them to fix it, but it’s not worth being without the car for however long it would take to make a special trip to the shop just for that. Maybe I’ll take it to a real dealership for the 90K checkup and have ’em have a look at it then.

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