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Good Morning

7:10 A.M., by my intentionally fast alarm clock. Came far too quickly, since I stayed up later than I should have (you’d think a half-glass of iced mocha wouldn’t have all THAT much caffeine in it), but at least I attended to some household chores that needed doing. (The toilet hasn’t looked that spotless in some time, and my bathroom is now filled with a delightful cinnamon-apple scent AND an auto-sensing nightlight. Those people at Glade think of everything.)

So. Roll my dead ass out of bed, and into the shower. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Throw some clothes on. Stagger out to the living room, fire up the PC, while that’s booting transfer those parts of my life that live outside of my work bag on the weekends (wallet, cellphone, Game Boy, datebook) back into my workbag. (I prolly need a new workbag, but I like this one a lot…it was SWAG from my Microsoft days.) Log on, sync the Palm, throw into the bag, check email quickly, grab lunch from the fridge, and let’s roll.

And I stumbled outside to the most beautiful day I’ve seen in a long time. The sky is blue, the temperature is cool, but NOT freezing ass cold, I bet if I looked the mountains would be out today. Maybe this is a sign that my turn signal is gonna fix itself soon. (It usually does on the first really hot day of the year.)

The ride into work was delightful, thanks to my Seattle brethren not having to drive on wet roads and some accompaniment from Duran Duran, Coolio, the Spin Doctors, and Def Leppard.

And we’re a month away from baseball. Let’s play two.

3 comments to Good Morning

  • Seems like good weather all across the country – seventy freakin degrees in Colorado today. Last year we had 5 feet of snow by the end of this week.

    Duran Duran? Really?

  • Casey Buck

    Here in Portland, Oregon, it was 70 degrees (the hottest it’s been since October) and was just as beautiful as you described it.

    I wonder what hot weather has to do with a turn signal, though…

  • Shanni

    HEHE…the turn signal….:)

    Anyhow, it’s been really nice here in Sacramento…got up into the 80’s this week!! Now if it were to _stay_ this way instead of creeping up into the 120 degree range in the summer, I’d be an extremely happy camper. :))

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