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Come On Down

Okay, I’m calling The Four Of You to arms.

See, my man Randy West has been one of the fill-in announcers on The Price Is Right since before Rod Roddy passed away last year, and he has, as expected, done a phenomenal job, and by all that is right and holy should be hired on as the full-time permanent announcer for the show.

So I’m asking you to help me tell CBS that.

They’re running a poll here. I need you to vote early and vote often (selecting Randy West, of course, if you pick Daniel Rosen you can cheerfully burn in hell), so we can make sure our part is done to get this man hired.

Look at it this way: If you vote for him, and you went to a taping of TPiR someday….well, okay, there prolly isn’t a damn thing extra that I could do for you. But I and he would appreciate it greatly.

That’s “West”. W-E-S-T. Thanks.

Another link to the poll

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