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Okay, let me get this straight:

Perfectly useful apps are getting denied access to Apple’s App Store, but a completely blatant Peggle-ripoff? “Absolutely! Step right this way, sir! Here, let me hold the door open for you…”

Clearly the people in charge of these things are being misused. I gotta think somewhere at Apple there’s a room containing an infinite number of typewriters that could use a workout.

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  • Stephen Beeman

    Dude, never ascribe to incompetence what can adequately be explained by villainy. Apple denies any app a) against which its own offerings might fare poorly [Podcaster]; b) that might reduce the consumption of AT&T services for which Apple receives a kickback [Mailwrangler]; c) that might allow apps to sneak onto the platform without going through the App Store [Flash] or d) all three [Opera]. Apple’s too busy screwing you to worry about somebody screwing PopCap.

  • Yeah, I realize that. I’ve been watching the whole App Store drama with a great deal of bemusement since it started. Still, their hypocrisy with regard to what gets through is…well, very Apple.

    (Anyone want to set an over-under on the number of apps currently available on the service that mimic bodily functions?)

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