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Tastes Like Burning

One of the easiest go-to topics for a food blogger with writer’s block is to coat something random in batter and throw it into a deep-fryer. However, I don’t think some folks think their cunning plan all the way through, as made evident by this bit I came across this morning about deep-fried cupcakes:

To imagine deep fried cupcakes, picture biting into a piping hot funnel cake. As you bite into the hot doughy goodness, you hit a layer of melted chocolate and then a layer of hot chocolate cake. Your bite finishes with a final hit of funnel cake dough and a splash of powdered sugar. After licking your lips, you bring them to a big smile!

…en route to the howling shrieks of pain as the first blast of post-cupcake air hits the second-degree burns now covering the inside of your mouth.

4 comments to Tastes Like Burning

  • Brandon

    {Homer Simpson} Mmmmm…canker sores.{/HS}

    And clogged arteries.

  • casson

    No icing? No paper cup? No sprinkles? You can’t even call it a cupcake at that point.

  • They sell deep-fried Twinkies down at the Boardwalk. I have been training my heart for that one and I am still not ready for it.

  • I found the deep-fried Twinkie to be overrated; it tasted like a hot doughnut or a funnel cake. Which is not a bad thing, but then I say: why wouldn’t I just buy a hot doughnut or a funnel cake? (Especially at the Boardwalk!)

    Deep-fried Snickers and Oreos, on the other hand: your arteries will hate you for it, but they’re totally worth doing. :)

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