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A Combination Guaranteed To Make You Say…

Western Conference Quarterfinals, Game 7
Calgary Flames 3
San Jose Sharks 5
(San Jose wins series 4-3)

Thank God the right Sharks showed up. And look at this: you put Jeremy Roenick back in the lineup, and he goes and scores four points. ‘Magine that.

Next up: the University of Dallas Stars. Game One is Friday on Versus at 7:00P PDT; I will post the full schedule when the NHL announces it, probably tomorrow.

Now I have to go weep like a small child for a while…

1 comment to A Combination Guaranteed To Make You Say…

  • I don’t think I breathed the entire game. I hear yah on being emotionally attached to this team. Love them so much that sometimes, yes it does hurt.

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