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Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

It’s satisfying to actually finish a project for a change, instead of starting it and leaving it to rot.

The Four Of You, if you are indeed one of the longtime Four, will remember that I installed lights in my PC case a few years ago. I was never happy, however, with the snarl of wires that this put in the bottom of the case, because all of the power switches were mounted on slot covers in the back.

Over time, the machine has been…well, it’s been completely gutted. All of the parts you see above are now sitting in a case by my kitchen table, awaiting conversion into a dedicated MAME system. Well, thanks to a few parts from the good people at CoolerGuys and McLendon Hardware, I’ve finally gotten everything hidden away in the front of the case, and the switches put up front where they are easier to access.

So, please have a look, because you know it’s a rare day that I actually pull out the digital camera…

Link for those who don’t see Flash in their RSS feeds…

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  • Peter Doug Aunt E

    Well you can rack your total count up to 7 at least now. 2 of four recommended us (Adam and Aunt Jo) Happy holidays

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