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Whaddaya Think Of THIS, Michael?

I’m driving into work today, and I notice a Mitsubishi Eclipse in front of me. Cars don’t usually jump out at me. I don’t have that yearning for a new car every three years that most of America seems to; I’ve had my Honda Civic since 1996, it gets me where I need to go, it’s still running great, and I’m perfectly happy with it.

But this one did. Mostly because the owner had performed a modification to the third brake light, the one in the center. It was modded so that instead of just a light coming on, a small line of LEDs would bounce back and forth horizontally when the brake pedal was depressed.

It felt like KITT was mooning me.

1 comment to Whaddaya Think Of THIS, Michael?

  • Sausage Abuse

    Yeah, I’ve seen those brake lights.
    I hate them… they make my head hurt.

    Plus, if David Hasslehoff isn’t driving, then what’s the point?

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