Classic Dishes...

Why, Yes, Yes They Do

Earlier today I had the TV on, and I came across an ad for Charmin.

Gone are the days of Mr. Whipple, to be replaced by animated bears. Discussing the merits of toilet paper. In a forest.

You don’t have to be Fellini to figure that one out, kids.

It was, however, the subtext of the ad that I enjoyed most. Basically the bear is concerned that he might not have enough toilet paper for the deuce he’s about to drop, so Mom gives him the new Charmin Big-Assed Roll, which, in a major feat of bung-wipe technology, combines the number of sheets found in four mere mortal rolls of toilet paper into one huge roll of extended starfish-cleansing goodness.

Because bears apparently not only…um, do that…in the woods, but apparently they do so in a fairly voluminous fashion, as well.

Good to know.

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