Classic Dishes...


Western Conference Semifinal
Edmonton Oilers 6
San Jose Sharks 3
(Oilers lead series 3-2)

The worst hockey I have seen the Sharks play this year, and before the Thornton trade, they played some BAD hockey. Defensive breakdowns, bad goaltending, stupid penalties, the whole deal. It’s time to prepare the ceremonial fork, because I’m pretty sure they’re done. Which is fine; really, they weren’t supposed to MAKE the playoffs, much less get this far, so if my gut is right and this IS the end of the road, I’m at peace with that.

Plus if they lose Wednesday, I don’t have to stay home from my game night on Friday only to have my heart broken.

Nonetheless, there is still a Game Six to be played in Edmonton, it will happen Wednesday night at 6:00P PDT, and will be available for viewing on OLN (who will be carrying CBC‘s feed and interjecting stuff from their own studios during intermissions), and Comcast will have the game for anyone with broadband Internet access on Hockey Live.

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