Classic Dishes...


With apologies for the late report, from Friday night in Edmonton:

Western Conference Semifinal
San Jose Sharks 3
Edmonton Oilers 6
(Series tied 2-2)

Frankly, they needed a drubbing. Things were getting too easy, and they needed a reminder that you can NEVER let up in the playoffs. If we have a lead in the third period tonight, and they STILL play it like it’s one long penalty kill, I’ll be fairly pissed off.

Game Five is tonight at The Tank. 7:00P PDT. Watch on OLN. Or CBC. Or Listen on the Sharks website. Just be there.

(And a special advance notice, so you can clear your schedules…Wednesday night’s Game Six from Edmonton will be available for viewing on the Internet as well, on Comcast’s Hockey Live service, which they have opened up for the playoffs to everyone, not just Comcast’s Internet customers. Game time is 6:00P PDT. So even if you don’t have cable, if you have so much as broadband, you have no excuse. :))

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