Classic Dishes...

No Sleep ‘Til…

Today was a Starbucks morning on the way to work, and here’s why:

Western Conference Semifinal
San Jose Sharks 2
Edmonton Oilers 3
(F/3OT, Sharks lead best-of-seven series 2-1)

Yep. Three overtimes. And these aren’t pansy-assed NBA five-minute overtimes, these are FULL 20-MINUTE PERIODS. The game-winner was scored at roughly 11:45 local time, which means the game took a little under five hours.

The average game, you’re out the door in roughly two and a half. Everybody, say it together with me: Oy.

I was minorly bummed when Shawn Horcoff scored at 2:24 of the third extra session to win it (especially because this gives Edmonton momentum I really didn’t want them to have), but mostly I was relieved that I was gonna be able to go to sleep. Still, I wouldn’t trade playoff hockey for anything in the world. It is the BEST.

Game Four? Friday night, 5:00P PDT, on OLN and CBC. I’ll be out with my gamer geeks at Microsoft, but I’ll have the Tivo rolling and my cellphone will be updating me with scores, so cheer extra loud for me, ‘kay?

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