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It Slices, It Dices

So I’m reading my RSS feed of the local Fry’s Electronics ad today, and an ad for a Crock Pot caught my eye (‘cuz I’ve been looking for a bigger one than the teeny one I have now).

More remarkable, though, is the toaster to its left:

Perfect pizza rolls AND a clean smooth face? Where do I sign?

(‘Scuse me if I don’t take advantage of the “fully immersible in water” feature, though.)

5 comments to It Slices, It Dices

  • Dude, that’s frightening.

    My advice on the crockpot is not to buy it unless you’re willing to eat whatever you cook by the bucketfull or you are a hell of a lot better about freezing stuff than I am. 4-quart model seems more advisable…

  • I’m pretty good about leftovers…I take ’em to work for lunch and whatnot. And with a big one you can do things like make slow-cooker Italian beef and things like that. And nobody says you have to fill it all the way every time you make something. :)

    It would boil down to how much counter real estate this one took up, really. I’d certainly be fine with a 4-quart, but this gives you options. :)

  • Craig bought one of the new fancy-schmancy slow cookers with the removable crock, and he says that the heating element feels a bit flimsy, that the unit does a good job of heating up his kitchen (i.e., the outside of the thing gets hot), and that “low” doesn’t seem to do much at all. Different brand, probably, and different voltage, so YMMV, but it’s made me more hesitant about replacing my lovely harvest red ’70s crockpot…

  • Nathan Beeler

    Ok, the shaver/toaster is funny. But I was a little frightened to see it was a 4 slicer. Ick.

  • Clay

    Oh, that needs to go to Consumer Reports for their back-page “Selling It” feature.

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