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New And Improved. Really.

A little while back I made one of my occasional trips to Costco to get things you normally get at Costco. One of my purchases was one of those large boxes that contain an Assortment ‘O’ Chips, for to enjoy with lunch. This particular one apparently contains every product Frito-Lay has ever made: Fritos, Lays, Ruffles, Cheetos, Doritos (in not one but two flavors), the whole deal.

Which brings us to today: I prepared lunch, and selected a bag of Nacho Cheesier! (their words, not mine) Doritos to accompany my meal. And emblazoned boldly on the bag was the phrase “Now Better Tasting!”

And it occurred to me: I’ve seen this claim on bags of Doritos at least five separate times over the course of my life. The R&D department at Frito-Lay must be the busiest in the nation. I fully expect to see a bag in a year or two that says “We Swear, We Got It Right This Time.”

I am forced to conclude that Doritos must have tasted like complete ass in the 70’s.

2 comments to New And Improved. Really.

  • Aaron S. (yes, THAT aaron from

    It’s funny…..The only thing I remember about Doritos of that time were the see-through bag and the funky logo.

    But yeah, they’ve made the claim about being better tasting many times….

  • Nathan Beeler

    I’ve tried the new doritos and I think they taste like ass. Is it too late to stockpile the goods ones?

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