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Got The Hizzle Beaten Out Of Him

Here’s some dumbassery for The Four Of You: Snoop Dogg was in town over the weekend, and some asshat jumped up on stage and promptly got a beating from Snoop’s posse.

In and of itself, pretty damn funny, if not completely uncommon. But here’s the kicker, the last line of the linked article:

“They beat me like a slave,” he said, holding an ice bag to his face.

A little free advice to Mr. Monroe, when he can see out of that eye again: Playing the race card at a rap concert isn’t going to get you any sympathy. Dumbass.

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  • Jesus…what the hell did he expect? Did he expect all of them to have a group hug and start singing Kumbaya?? Sounds like the guy deserved the Bum Rush he got. :)

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