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Coffee, Tea, or….no, it’s gonna have to be Coffee.

There’s a new building going in at my end of Lake City Way, next to the Walgreen’s. I was curious as to what it was, ‘cuz it looked like it could be a new restaurant of some kind, and it would be nifty to have new dining options close to home.

Well, I drove by today, and the building now has Coming Real Soon Now signs on it. It’s two businesses, apparently. One is a Quizno’s, which totally works for me, as I think they are vastly superior to Subway, and the other is a Starbucks.

Which means, now, within a five minute drive from my home, I can reach no less than FOUR discrete Starbucks stores.

Yep. I live in Seattle.

3 comments to Coffee, Tea, or….no, it’s gonna have to be Coffee.

  • Clay

    Come to NYC. On my way from 67th St. to 59th, I can get to four, too.

    A drive-through ‘bucks has just opened in my currently-adopted home town. I haven’t tried it, though; I tend to order coffee drinks with names in paragraph form, and doing that in person is tough enough–over a drive-through speaker left over from the Burger King that formerly used this building seems too risky.

  • Aaron

    The West Shore (suburbs of Harrisburg) just got our first Starbucks, too. Took part of the building that was once Pier One Imports (it moved over to the main shopping center).

  • Shannon

    Ordering through the drive-thru is great…especially for me since I’m usually too damn lazy to get my butt out of the car. :)

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