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Get Up And Go

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while…I had a nasty cold that kicked in hard RIGHT after my birthday, and then I apparently pulled my left hamstring (I have NO idea how this happened…one afternoon I noticed a little ache in my calf, and then a day later I was limping) just as the cold was getting better. So I’ve been laid up for a while, which does not make for entertaining blogging experiences, unless you enjoy reading stuff like:

Monday, May 16, 2005: Sat at home. Kept leg up. Watched Tivo.
Tuesday, May 17, 2005: Sat at home. Kept leg up. Watched Tivo.

You get the idea. Anyhow, today was the first day the leg was feeling well enough to brave the grocery store, and the cupboards were getting sparse (thank you again, Jenn & Abby, for the stay of execution over the weekend), so off to Albertson’s I go. And as I passed by the medicinal teas, I spotted this out of the corner of my eye:

I swear to GOD this isn’t Photoshopped. This was an actual product. Perhaps we can look forward to Hershey’s Highway Bathroom Tissue next….

(Which I suppose you would need after a nice steaming cup of Smooth Move, wouldn’t you?)

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  • Shannikinz

    Yeah…then you can become rich by patenting “The Toilet Bowl with Handles Built Onto The Sides”…especially after drinking THAT. :)

  • drbear

    Apparently, it’s legit; my wife reports having seen it before. Personally I prefer ex-lax brownies. Mmmmm, chocolatey….

  • Yeah, I’ve seen this in the stores before… terrible product naming.

    Personally, all I have to do is eat a little garlic in my italian food. You might say I have a love-hate relationship with garlic… I love it, and it hates me.

  • Jenn

    Uh… I’ve never used that particular Traditional Medicinals product, but I’m a big fan of their Breathe Easy (for bronchitis).

    (And I have seen toilet seats with handles. But they were for potty-training toddlers…)


  • Jenn

    (Oh, and our pleasure, I assure you. Abby talks about “Unca Chwis’ house with scawy ebbabator”, though, I’m afraid)

  • H2

    Sadly, not only have I seen this tea, but it is on the top shelf in my cupboard RIGHT NOW!

    I was doing some herbal regime and it recommended drinking the tea to cleanse the system. Not surprisingly, it tastes like ASS.


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