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One For My Homies…

Later this morning, 3:41 AM to be exact, marks my 34th successful circumvention of the sun. I’d like to take a moment to thank the planet for not killing me yet.

Today also marks the one-year anniversary of one of the greatest moments in San Jose Sharks history: the Game Six victory over the Colorado Avalanche which clinched the series and punched San Jose’s ticket to their first Conference Finals. (Yeah, they had their asses handed to them by Calgary, but we had no idea that was going to happen at the time. So we were pretty stoked.)

Tomorrow, there will be baseball, and the NBA playoffs. There will be no NHL hockey.

So if you’re the type to pour one out (and if you are, fer God’s sake, yer wasting perfectly good alcohol), do me a favor and pour one out for the demise of the NHL season, with hopes that the idjits in charge of negotioations give themselves a rectal craniectomy and get this impasse settled, so that next October we can once again enjoy the greatest game on the planet played at its highest level.

6 comments to One For My Homies…

  • Karen

    Happy Birthday! May you achieve all your routes, make your Tichus and have kickass wall-overseer-meeple-thingies!

  • Clay

    Many happy (if, as the case with this greeting, belated) returns!

  • Dude, what the hell? You need to tell us these things and we would celebrate! Happy birthday, dude (even though it’s your fault it is belated)!

  • Yeah, I know. Thing was, I was miserable sick last week, and was pretty sure I wasn’t going to games that Friday (and as it turns out, I didn’t), and really didn’t feel much like celebrating. So consider it all advance notice for next year. You may put an annual recurring reminder in your Outlook schedule. :)

  • Okay, so you gotta give all the particulars if I’m going to add you to my Outlook reminders:

    Favorite Cake Flavor
    Favorite Ice Cream
    Like/Hate Surprise Parties

  • Well, lessee:

    Favorite Cake Flavor: Chocolate
    Favorite Ice Cream: Also chocolate
    Surprise Parties: Never been on the receiving end, but I’m not averse to the concept. :)

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